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What is a Bitcoin - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Bitcoins came to my attention while I was trying to make money online by Paid-To-Click (PTC) and Traffic Exchange sites. I kept seeing ads on bitcoins. I thought they were just some passing fads or trends.

But as more and more ads kept flashing before my eyes, I became interested. So I read about bitcoins and was intrigued.

Here, I am going to try to explain bitcoins in the simplest way possible.

What is a bitcoin? A bitcoin is an electronic currency, something like a digital money. It is also called a cryptocurrency.

Since bitcoins are digital, it follows that they are not tangible like dollars, they are not printed or minted because they operate independently of a central bank. They are decentralized and not controlled by any central authority.

Can I Use Bitcoins Like Normal Money? Bitcoins are virtual coins with their own monetary value and you can use them to buy things electronically. Just like dollars and euros, bitcoins can be traded digitally.

The big difference between bitco…
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How To Make Money With Bitcoins - Claim Bitcoins From Bitcoin Faucets

You must have already heard about bitcoins by this time. If you haven’t heard of them or if you’ve heard of them but you don’t know what they are or you just don’t care about them, then it’s about time you care because it is becoming a big thing today and you don’t want to be left behind.
Here’s how Google defines bitcoin:

"a type of digital currency in which encryption techniques are used to regulate the generation of units of currency and verify the transfer of funds, operating independently of a central bank."
If the definition has made your head spin, then welcome to the club. To get to know more about Bitcoins, you can read:
What is a Bitcoin - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) To add to the confusion, here comes bitcoin faucets and people wondering how to make money from bitcoin faucets.

What Are Bitcoin Faucets?
Bitcoin Faucets are one of the many ways to make money from bitcoins. There are many ways to make money from bitcoins, such as bitcoin mining, buying and sellin… – Philippine-Based Bitcoin Wallet

Coins.Ph is a Philippine-based company that provides Bitcoin Wallet and Peso Wallet services where you can send and receive funds.

Coins.Ph is a financial services platform founded by Silicon Valley entrepreneurs Ron Hose and Runar Petursson in 2014.

Coins.Ph runs on blockchain technology and uses digital currency to extend the reach of financial services to the unbanked populace of the Philippines and the rest of Southeast Asia.

The Men Behind Coins.Ph
Ron Hose - Before, Ron was a founding partner at Innovation Endeavors and the co-founder of TokBox, a consumer video conferencing company. Ron is a holder of a Bachelors and Masters degree from Cornell University, where he has graduated at the top of his class. Ron is also an active investor and adviser to a number of Silicon Valley startups.

Runar Petursson - Runar has been building web applications for over 15 years. He has also built High Frequency Trading platforms, with extensive experience in high volume, low latency system…